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Our story is a unique one. And it began in the 1940’s

Feeling like they had reached their potential in their home town, our founder's grandparents decided they wanted more. Opportunity was westward. So in the early 1940's they packed up their motorcycle and side car with their belongings with Arizona in their sights, knowing full well that it wasn't going to be easy.

They knew the spirit of the west called to them. As migrant farmers they were no strangers to hard work. They, like others that moved west before them, did so from a mindset of doing things different. They weren't looking for an easy road, they were looking for a place to do things their own way, the best way they knew how. To them, doing things right was part pride and part survival.

What they didn't know at the time was they were paving the road to success for their grandson, our founder. A road fully realized 2 generations after their journey west.

His journey was a different one from his grandparents', but shared many parallels. While not filled with the dust and grime of the open road, it was filled with the grind of the machine shop. He had a vision, and the only way to bring that vision to life was to pull himself up by the bootstraps and make it happen, and do it in his own way much like his grandparents did.

He worked his way up the ranks with an idea to help NATO countries on a massive scale. Sparing the details of that hard fought journey, he eventually reached his goal by starting an aerospace manufacturing company, and then Profense – a top-tier mini-gun provider to militaries and governments around the globe – and now, North Star Arms.

In the world of defense, the functionality of your product is paramount. We've taken those lessons, and that mindset, and brought it to the commercial firearm market, but with one catch.

North Star Arms, Profense, and RSW Aviation are the foundation of RSW Group. Collectively we have become leaders in our industry incorporating bold innovation, cutting-edge technology, and unmatched engineering. Our uncompromised discipline to provide Real World Results is at the heart of everything we do.

The same passion and ingenuity that stands behind Profense and RSW Aviation also backs every rifle created at North Star Arms. Made in the USA, our in-house machining offers the promise of quality engineering and unmatched reliability. Our primary focus is our customer with the goal of delivering a premium rifle at a fair price.

How does all this relate to the North star?

Well, the North Star has been a navigational beacon throughout history. Always pointing the way, guiding humanity through their journeys. We felt it a fitting symbol for those that make their own way, and their own adventures. For us, it's a reminder to stay humble, do the best we can, and always do the right thing – it's our guiding light. What better way to tie up a mission statement than to have it symbolized in your company name? Always there to remind us.

So please join us on our journey to bring smiles to folks across the country as they are shooting our firearms. After all, the west may be "won," but the spirit of individuality lives on.

We hope you give us a try. There's so much more to come. Just wait 'til we bring the same ingenuity to the commercial market as we did to the mini-gun ;)


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